Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Ah, the holidays. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t absolutely adore this time of year. People are happier (kind of), nicer, and though probably a bit more stressed, seem lighter in a way. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I hope it does.

Christmas today has been wonderful and a much needed day to relax at home and enjoy being around the fam. We all live under one roof (except for my brother who is away at college for the majority of the year) and we’re usually headed in different directions, so to be together is sadly, rare. Is what it is, just makes being together even more special!


  • My normal PT has been away for the past few weeks so i’ve been working with another PT who I worked with for a year. Taking a different approach to things while we wait for him to get back… always good to get a second opinion!
  • Acupuncture was getting a bit complicated and confusing for a while there, in the sense that we had absolutely no idea whatsoever what was going on. BUT, that seems to have changed and now we may have found the source for some of my symptoms… whoopie!
  • Going to see some myofascial guy next weekend about my ankle to see if he can get my motor control moving in a better direction.
  • Riding is on the back burner right now. My old lease went home and we brought in a new horse for trial. She quickly re-aquainted me with the ground so it’s fair to say that it didn’t work out and we’re back to searching for a new horse. *Sigh*, wasn’t meant to be. Oh well.

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Another day.


Look at that, i’m back already! Today has been a bit of a rough day, so I thought i’d include a picture of Patrick Dempsey posing with a gorgeous horse to cheer myself up. Why not, right? I had PT today and kinda got slapped in the face with reality. Truth is, my ankle isn’t holding up well and isn’t happy with me. Despite my desperate pleas for it to settle down, it has taken on quite an attitude and has been throwing impressive tantrums. *Sigh* there are just some battles you just can’t win. I’ll be taking 1-2 weeks off of riding (mark my words, it will be no longer than that) to hopefully allow the pain to calm down so we can focus on improving my motor control, which will help me ride more comfortably and effectively than I can at the moment. While I admit that I almost broke down crying when I was told that I needed this┬átiny bit of time off, i’m okay now and am moving forward. I’ll be back soon, and better than ever.

Hard 2 Weeks

Not sure what’s up. Don’t really know how to put into words what i’m feeling other than angry and exhausted. Couldn’t tell you why i’m angry or why i’ve been lashing out at everyone and everything for the past 2 weeks, I just kinda am. Not feeling well and not feeling like myself, that’s for sure.

I ordered a “Giving Key” today and it has a pretty cool concept behind it. They have a bunch of words you can choose from, or you can come up with a custom one (up to 9 letters) which is what I did. Once I fulfill and find solace in “Quiet” (the word I chose) i’ll pass the key onto someone who needs it more than I do. I’ll be holding onto it for a while, but once i’m ready, it’ll be sent to someone who is close to my heart and I think needs it┬ájust as much as I do. I can’t wait to get it and wear it as a reminder to find my quiet place in even the most stressful of times. If you want to check them out i’ll leave the link below. I hope everyone is doing okay and i’ll definitely be writing more, you guys will be sick of me! Goodnight everyone, stay strong.

(They are also sold in other places/websites but that is the main website)