Oh hey there

Okay, so it’s pretty clear that i’m not so great at this whole blogging thing… i’m trying, but failing. This colder weather has been hitting me hard so i’m hoping we’ll have a few snowy days (key-word: FEW) that will let me stay inside and hopefully blog a little bit. Don’t hold your breath though…

Horse world update: My current lease will likely be going home sometime this week with a new horse coming in as soon as he leaves. No, horses are not just replaceable like that, but we’ve been working on this for a while now and it’s all coming together. I don’t want to say much about the new pon until I really get to know her, decide if she’s staying, and if she passes the vet check. So yes, the new pon is a mare. Oy vey… we’ll see!

Update on everything else: I haven’t been feeling very well this past month or so which is scaring me a bit. Not that I was feeling good before, though I was on my way there, but things have kind of just come crashing down. Ugh! Trying some new things to try and get back on track and I am working with an awesome acupuncturist who fully understands my issues and how to help, which is making my life a bit less stressful. Whoopie! So there’s the positive within the negative.

Hopefully you’ll hear from me again soon.

Until next time- Stay strong, you got this!


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