Music Has Become My Rock

Recently i’ve been absolutely hooked on the cast album from “Hamilton”, if you aren’t familiar with it, it tells the story of Alexander Hamilton. Now I have never been one who is interested in history, but this has peaked my interest. At first I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda (he wrote the musical + plays Hamilton) on 60 minutes. Instantly I sat down and watched intently as he explained the concept behind this incredible musical. Hamilton is not the “traditional” musical that you would find on Broadway. You see, Hamilton is mainly rap. Again, rap is not something that I like in the least, but this is just… incredible. My mom was shocked when I expressed my interest as I quickly downloaded the album and became fascinated with this musical. Honestly at first I wasn’t sure why I was so interested in it as I was even more interested in this than any other cast album of Broadway shows that I have listened to. I think I have now pinpointed why and I have realized how much music has become a rock for me. Hamilton was such a strong and important figure in US history and he faced so much rejection and had the odds stacked against him at different points in his life. The music from Hamilton truly is inspiring and shows just how strong and determined Hamilton was to get his message across, and I guess that’s what I relate to. Some of my favorite music that I listen to is, of course, “Hamilton”, “The Lion King” original cast album, and various albums from Josh Groban. I turn to music when i’m happy, sad, mad, pretty much any emotion I feel, I turn to music to help myself cope/navigate it. My Lyme journey has been nothing easy, but I can truly say that over the past nearly 3 years now, I have consistently turned to music. It has been a very important anchor in my recovery, and as I continue to recover I find more and more music to keep me motivated and fighting!

I know this isn’t my “typical” post and that i’ve been pretty lazy on posting, i’ll be trying to post more soon!


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