Tears and more tears, and even more tears

I hate crying, mainly because it gives me a headache every single time. What ever happened to that wonderful chemical release that’s supposed to make you feel better? Yeah, not happening yet. Grrrr.

Today is my first day of taking the countless supplements, and as you can tell by the title of this post, i’m not exactly handling it very well. I’m extremely hyper sensitive so the taste of them drives me insane. Some are drops, most are pills. I also have to drink a ton of water with some gross stuff inside of it. Yuck. This is how my last day of May is and i’m truly hoping it isn’t foreshadowing June.

Also, we picked up my new car yesterday. Very very excited and I love it. Only thing is my brother is being really possessive over it, creating stupid rules for it when he doesn’t even have his license yet! So that’s BEYOND aggravating and is really annoying to me. He took the car out with my dad and said that he’ll be back soon, which I highly doubt. I need to go to the barn to get away from everything and i’m trapped at home WITHOUT my car. Not like he can even drive on his own yet, he’s taking forever and my dad isn’t helping me out at all. He’s pretty much saying that “boys will be boys” and is allowing my brother to take the car/have the car whenever he wants with no thought about me.

Not a good day today. Just done and want to curl up in a ball and have the next 3 months or so fly by without me having to leave my bed. Discouraged and upset on this cloudy rainy day.


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