Deep Breaths

Today was a surprisingly a very long day even though I did next to nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE this warm 80 degree weather, it’s just hard for my body to figure out what’s going on after such a long winter. That being said, seeing the flowers blossoming and the leaves on the trees is making me so happy and my joints seem to be enjoying it as well. Even my 15 year old dog seems to be much happier and feeling better. Unfortunately though I couldn’t enjoy this beautiful day at the barn, hopefully i’ll be able to make up for that later this week….

I’ve been sick for over two years now and those two years have been hard on my brother. He’s extremely strong, probably stronger than me in some aspects, but i’ve seen a new side to him in the last few weeks. I think it has just been getting to him and he is finally releasing all the pent up emotions from the past. It’s hard to see because I love him, but i’m glad he’s letting it out and hopefully it’ll take some weight off his shoulders. I think he’s also kind of stressed about school, which is also unlike him, so i’m not sure what’s going on. I’m always one to read people and try to figure out their emotions and why they act the way they do, but he is unreadable. Go figure.

Have an early morning doc appointment tomorrow and then dragging myself to PT later in the afternoon. Should be a fun day… not. Hoping we’ll make some progress and take a step in the right direction. We’ll see, trying to stay optimistic…

*My blog also seems adamant to skip days. Today is the 4th of May.*


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