Yesterday & Today

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect definition of a “lazy day.” I did next to nothing but spent most of the day on my laptop and on my couch. No objections here- it was a much needed day of rest and I definitely took advantage of it. Though the weather was gorgeous I had very little motivation to get off the couch so netflix and I furthered our relationship and I dove into some new shows.

Today I have hardly done anything either- I went to the barn for a little bit and had a lesson. Another day of gorgeous weather and my horse was so happy to get outside and exercise. Nothing cheers me up like the ponyface (and of course my other pets) so I ended the lesson with a pretty big grin on my face. Today was the first time that I had gotten to take him outside to ride and he was fantastic. Maybe a little more forward than I would have liked but he wasn’t spooky at all and hardly looked at anything. He’s such a mush 🙂

Great day in terms of what I did, just beyond exhausted. I need more sleep!

*Also, May 2nd post is actually May 1st. It skipped a day for some reason. Yesterday (actually May 2nd) I didn’t write.*


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