April showers bring May flowers?

The start of a new month. Another month survived. It’s sad that I view it that way considering i’m a 17 year old who is supposed to be having the time of her life. Today I was reminded that I won’t be walking across the stage with my peers. “The Class of 2015” was supposed to be my class. It’s hard to face that reality and it kind of slapped me in the face today to be honest. My twin brother (who I have of course grown up with) will be graduating and moving on in his life. Not that i’m not happy for him, I am, but I wish I was also graduating. This is going to sound pathetic i’m sure, but i’m too upset to even go to his graduation. I feel terrible but it’s just something i’m far from comfortable with.

April was a hard month for me. Lots of downs health wise. Right now it’s looking like i’m facing another minor health issue that we’ll find out about soon. It isn’t a big deal at all and it’s just another thing to add onto my growing list. At the moment everything is just building and it’s getting hard to handle. I’ll get through as I always have and i’ll keep fighting. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers” so heres hoping that May is a better month!

On a happier note, I should be resuming school soon! YAY!!!!! I’m honestly so excited. I never thought I would be excited about school (I was a good student) but oh am I happy to start working again! Having a set schedule and feel like i’m actually achieving something will help I think.

Tomorrow is going to be my “rest” day. No plans, no nothing. Sleep, netflix, and my couch tomorrow. Sounds good to me. Goodnight everyone!


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