The Ride Of My Life

I’m really not sure where to start or if I should even put my story out there. People are quick to judge and many don’t believe in the daily suffering that people with Lyme go through… it’s strange in a way, and people truly don’t understand it until they fall ill themselves. It’s a sad reality and a brutal truth that many of us came to terms with fairly quickly, including myself.

Every Lyme story is different, everyone leads different lives, and all of us have different levels of severity. But in the end, we all have at least one thing in common, which is of course, that we all got bitten by a damn tick. One little tick has flipped my life upside down and managed to put a road block on my life, that even if I tried, I wouldn’t have enough energy, strength, or concentration to try and move.

I myself spend a lot of time around horses weather it be walking through knee high grass in the height of tick season or just snuggling with my little monster (8yo thoroughbred) on a rainy day. It’s fair to say that ticks have had many chances to feast on my blood…. uhm ew. Bugs have always been attracted to me, if I was outside for one minute I would come back inside with five mosquito bites that soon became very red and itchy. It was always a joke between my mom and I that bugs could find me no matter where I was, but I never ever imagined getting something from a little vampire (aka a tick) that I have always had a phobia of. If you ask me it’s quite ironic; i’ve always had a fear of ticks and I end up getting Lyme Disease!

My journey has just started and I return to my Lyme Doctor next week to discuss test results and the path of my personal treatment. I’m a teen going through this and never before have I felt so isolated, so maybe, just maybe, if I could help one person by writing this blog, it would make everything worth it.

That’s all for now… excited to keep track of my journey and see where it leads me!


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